“I discovered TreeProjects info manager some months ago, and was so impressed by its speed, features and stability that I immediately investigated TreeProjects.

This is clearly a tool designed by somebody who uses it himself on a daily basis: it’s very quick, it’s very practical and it’s very, very stable. One of the things I like to see in any information management product is a powerful search function – one that allows you to search for words in multiple languages and highlights any found key words.

TreeProjects had a couple of minor issues here, so I e-mailed support with some queries. Yaroslav responded immediately, analysing the problem and issuing a new release quickly. I was delighted – and also delighted by the intelligent, thoughtful way he did it.

TreeProjects has a gratifyingly low system footprint, which means it’s easy to run alongside other more demanding applications (which is, I gather, exactly what Yaroslav does). At the same time it’s capable of holding an enormous amount of information, which can be exported in various formats. But the import function is one of the most impressive aspects, especially in such a tightly written app: TreeProjects can monitor a given folder and will automatically import anything you drop into it – Microsoft Office documents, web pages etc. Or you can import web pages by entering their URL directly into an “HTML” note: the web page will be stored locally inside TreeProjects, and is instantly searchable. TreeProjects offers six different types of note, including folders, HTML, simple text, rich text, references (links to internal notes) and alarms – and you can add file attachments as well.

The program quickly becomes a kind of universal catch-all; combined with a service like DropBox, it allows you to transport valuable information around with you more or less effortlessly. The fact that Yaroslav uses it for his own projects is also reassuring – the program is only at version 1.1.1, but in terms of speed and stability it feels much more mature than that version number suggests. Now I’m looking forward to the network version!”

Bill Maslen
The Word Gym Ltd

I really like the simplicity and uncluttered appearance of the program. It’s easy to use.

Lacey Stinson

Treeprojects is a great note-taking application after trying  every single note-taking app out there in the past, this is hands down the best. You have a winner with TreeProjects.

Harold Taylor, US

“In November 2010 I started using “Smereka Personal DB”, the predcessor of TreeProjects, as my main personal knowledge application after a quick stability and growth test. Untill then I was using PersonalBrain as my main knowledge tool and was testing also Dokuwiki as a possible solution.

In my daily work (BI consultant in a Healthcare IT firm) I have lots of small pieces of information (mail, webpages, pieces of documents, ect) that I need to save quickly and can very easy retrieve without depending on a tree structure. The search in TreeProjects (including attachments) is super-fast and in combination with the “Search on title”-function I can find any piece of information within seconds. My TreeProjects database is currently about 170Mb large (including attachments). It is very ease to add all kinds of attachments (by using the special folder monitoring) and text (using the “insert clipboard to new item” function). These are my two most favorite functions.

Besides being able to quickly save and retrieve items I insisted on a solution that was very light on the computers resources and also very fast to start and use. Right now when writing this review smereka.exe is using only a little more then 11Mb and it responds very quick. Starting time is so fast (1-2 seconds) that I close TreeProjects between uses and just start it again when I need it. The developer is responsive and is constantly improving on the quality of the software. Because the search functionality is very good I only just recently started to use the tag function. I have only a few tags (todo and levels of priority) but it is working good.

That being said there are a few rough edges. I really miss a simple way to define relationships between items. But overall the application is very easy to use and fulfills the needs I have for knowledge gathering and retrieval. Try it and you won’t be disappointed.”

The Netherlands

I bought many outliners… But I’m using TreeProjects since April 2011 because it’s fast and does the job.

Just want to see a lightweight and robust outliner?  The developer releases frequent updates (see history in the TreeProjects website). I’m quite happy with this, now it is the first app that i install after I format my hard disk (in fact, i keep all my other software licenses inside).

People who needs to keep “revisions” of their documents or source code can use this outliner (this is not a common feature). TreeProjects can monitor a folder and import the files from there too.

TreeProjects works under SQLite database, and Yaroslav (the developer) is quite accesible and support is great.

Roberto Porcar

I have just now started using your program for real in a writing project with tons of different digital documents, things from the net, from Word documents,  PowerPoints, PDFs, text files of different “shapes” –  things I have collected over a long period.

Despite all this – which I now have started out trying to systematize – I’m sitting here smiling! The program is giving me the opportunity to concentrate on the issues, and makes my work and writing better for sure. I’m a rather systematic and analytic person – and your program is ideal for me.

It works immediately and almost by sheer intuition. As a matter of fact  I’m not at all allergic to manuals, but I do not regret you managed to arrange it so neatly just “on the go”.

Pasted a link into a “New: HTML”, and voila – it showed up I could add the whole page easily! The search is so smooth – and thereby I get things together, not only vaguely in my head as a memory. This way words and ideas in many different documents can find each other and easily be linked together at this stage! This will for sure influence my way of working in the future.

Importing folders with a lot of stuff – and all of a sudden I easily get back to things in a minute. I am producing new “projects” all the time now – on a lot of issues and subjects – just to have them “searchable”. Remarkably easy!

Wow – new version – and your program talks to me in my native language! This is cute!

Thank you ever so much!

Eli K – Norway

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