TreeProjects is now free

The world of software was quite different back then in 2011, when I released the first versions of TreeProjects (and much more so in 2009, when I started working on it). And it is a very good thing! The age of desktop domination has ended; ubiquitous cloud storage and synchronization emerged, and it is the norm for software solutions to be cross-platform and cross-device. This is something I myself expect when considering a piece of software or a service.

TreeProjects did not evolve to become such a server-based, cross-platform solution – it remains an old school Windows desktop program. And it is unlikely that it will ever change. TreeProjects is still an essential tool for me – I have been using it since the very first release. I know for a fact that it has been as useful to the people who have become customers, and whom I deeply thank. The program wouldn’t have become what it is without their support.

However, in these days of rightfully increased expectations, and in hopes that this will make the world better, I have made TreeProjects available free of charge. An option to purchase a license is still available for those who’d like to buy me a lunch!

Your file items are even safer now

When you open a file item to edit it, the file gets temporarily exported to disk, and opened in an external program. You may then make changes to the file, and they will be saved back in the database. If you try to close the database while a file item is opened, you will be prompted to finish working with the opened files first. However, some disastrous event – like a power outage – may disrupt the scheme of things. TreeProjects will not have the chance to import the changed files back.

To prevent you from losing the data, beginning from version 2.9.2, TreeProjects will find and recover the abandoned files you worked on, every time it starts. Read more…

TreeProjects on BitsDuJour

TreeProjects is featured on BitsDuJour again – it will go live on the 21st of January, with a sweet 60% discount. Don’t miss!

Quota happens

A couple of days ago the primary contact mail box of TreeProjects suddenly overflowed. A lot of things overflow visibly and loudly, but mailboxes tend to overflow very quietly. Quietly to the owner, that is. It is good to have an old friend of TreeProjects who noticed the problem and contacted me on a different address. Thanks, Roberto.

The oversight is fixed, the quota is removed, and everyone can write to me again.

Multiple search result panes added in version 2.9

Starting from version 2.9, you can create multiple search panes in TreeProjects. To do it, simply select “New search result window” in the new combo box added to the search dialogs:

Together with the auto-refresh feature and the advanced search capabilities, this allows to create really neat workspaces. For example, you can define a search for the “urgent” string, output it to an extra search result window, dock it somewhere and turn on auto-refresh. From now on, everything tagged “urgent” will be visible for your reference at any time. At the same time, you can use the tag pane and another search result pane for regular work. Take a look at what it might look like (clickable): Read more…

New search capabilities introduced in version 2.8

Text search has always been central to TreeProjects. Back in the days before TreeProjects was conceived, my project management tasks called for a program to store all my documents and find them by keywords. Unfortunately, existing programs did not always have a very good search function, and they struggled with non-English texts, whose alphabets went beyond the standard ANSI latin character set. This made robust, language-independent text search the main requirement for a new personal database that I set out to implement.

However, a personal database should not be only about text search. Read more…

TreeProjects 2.7 is released

The item tree of TreeProjects does not only display the names of the items and their icons. It can also display attributes associated with the items. The tree is therefore a combination of a tree view and a list view:

The new release of TreeProjects brings major improvements to columns. Read more…

TreeProjects runs well on Windows 8

Microsoft announced Windows 8 release preview. With Windows being the platform TreeProjects runs on, I was curious if it was compatible with upcoming Windows 8. It took jumps through some hoops to install the new operating system on a virtual machine, but when it was done, TreeProjects installed and ran without problems.

Then TreeProjects was subjected to the usual hour-long automated test, excluding including Microsoft Office compatibility test and PDF reader integration tests. The test executed uneventfully, pointing out only a couple of minor tweaks that will have to be done in the automated tests themselves. Although more rigorous testing is waiting for TreeProjects once Windows 8 RTM comes out, we can be confident that the program is ready for the new and somewhat controversial Windows version.

Meet the younger sibling of TreeProjects

Have you ever considered getting a piece of software, but concluded that you could live without some advanced features, and wished the price was lower? Having choice is always a good thing, so TreeProjects stops being “all or nothing”. Starting from version 2.6, TreeProjects is offered in two editions: TreeProjects L and TreeProjects XL. If you are interested in the differences between the L and XL versions of the program, check out the “Features and screenshots” page – it now has a nice edition comparison table. Read more…

Version 2.5 adds password protection to your databases

Another popular feature request is fulfilled: TreeProjects version 2.5 allows you to password-protect your databases. To protect the database, use the “Password protection” item of the File menu.

Read more…