2.9.4 (16 August 2014)

  • Faster startup of TreeProjects.
  • Fixed: stored files with names longer than 80 characters were not properly opened in an external application.
  • Fixed: The confusing “Your search did not yield any results” message does not pop any more up when a database is opened, and the latest search had come out empty.
  • Improvement: the empty search notification is now a label, not a modal dialog box.

2.9.3 (12 March 2013)

  • Fixed: “Date created” value appeared empty for newly created items.
  • Fixed: Persistent crash if the last selected item (before closing a database) was a dangling reference.
  • Bug fixes in the file recovery feature.

2.9.2 (19 February 2013)

  • Improvement: When a file item is opened in an external program, and the item is saved through the Save dialog, the file item remains opened, instead of closing. You can keep changing and saving it.
  • Fix: Fixed drag-drop of attachments from Thunderbird.
  • New feature: Automatic recovery of file items that were opened during an unclean shutdown of TreeProjects.

2.9.1 (3 October 2012)

  • Workspaces (positions of windows, opened items etc) are preserved between sessions.

2.9 (27 September 2012)

  • Multiple search result panes supported (see new combo box in the search dialogs).
  • Multi-selection and right-click menu in the search results.
  • Fixed the ignore list in the spell checker.

2.8.1 (16 September 2012)

  • More search conditions in the advanced search dialog
  • Auto-refresh option in the search results
  • Fixed broken Export buttons in the Rich Text and Plain Text renderers
  • Fixed a keyboard navigation bug in the item tree
  • Fixed bug: could not create references of file items
  • “Close unchanged items” now also closes unchanged file items that are being previewed

2.8 (24 August 2012)

  • Advanced search dialog for complex search queries (menu: File, Advanced search)
  • Fixed a crash
  • Web capture: better handling of META refresh redirects
  • Bugfix: sometimes, blank emails or web pages showing after drop operation

2.7.4 (4 August 2012)

  • Updater supports proxy servers.
  • Fixed bug: “Close unchanged items” would close file items that were still opened in external program.
  • During database closing, if a file is still opened in external program, there’s a warning.

2.7.3 (8 July 2012)

  • Copying and cutting of unsaved items now causes a prompt for the user to save.
  • Fixed a couple of crashes.
  • Export to files: eliminated redundant containing folders. The hierarchy of exported files is now more similar to that of the item tree.

2.7.2 (22 June 2012)

  • Much faster search and tag search.

2.7.1 (19 June 2012)

  • UI translated to Italian. Translation provided by Donato G. Tiralongo.

2.7 (13 June 2012)

  • Customizable columns in the item tree (turn off, on, change width; remembered after restart). Right-click the header to configure.
  • Customizable columns in all item lists (search results, “Save all” list, etc). Right-click the header to configure.
  • “Elastic” columns in the item tree and all item lists for efficient use of horizontal space.
  • New types of columns in the item tree and all item lists: author, date created, size.
  • Reference items are marked with a small arrow in the icon.

2.6.3 (1 June 2012)

  • Display of progress during long clipboard operations
  • Faster paste
  • “Paste as reference” menu item
  • New setting: branch copy mode for clipboard operations (copy only parent item or copy entire branch)

2.6.2 (23 May 2012)

  • Branch sorting order is now remembered (stored in the database and recalled after reopening).

2.6.1 (21 May 2012)

  • Fixed bug: multi-word tags changed after copying an item or using it as a template
  • Fixed operation of the tray icon

2.6 (13 May 2012)

  • Version 2.6 introduces TreeProjects L edition, which omits some non-essential features but has an even more attractive price. The regular edition of TreeProjects is now called TreeProjects XL edition; registered users of TreeProjects will get the XL edition automatically as a regular update.
  • Small usability improvements.

2.5.1 (2 May 2012)

  • Windows XP: Fixed incorrect opening of emails and web pages in new window.

2.5 (29 April 2012)

  • Database password protection / encryption.
  • Bug fixes in file import / export.
  • External links of emails or stored web pages now open in new browser windows.

2.4.5 (26 March 2012)

  • More configuration settings.
  • Fixed bug: Items tagged with tags that contain non-alphanumeric symbols are not shown in the tag pane after clicking the tag.
  • Improvement: When a tag is used by invisible items only (deleted items or revisions only), it won’t show up in the tag panel.
  • Fixed bug: in multi-monitor systems, after second monitor is reattached, new windows become invisible.
  • Optimized reminders.
  • Reminders now work in read-only databases.

2.4.4 (16 March 2012)

  • Faster import of web pages from the Internet.
  • Faster opening of large web page items.
  • Better quality of captured web pages.
  • Support for importing web pages over HTTPS.
  • Support for importing web pages behind a META refresh redirect.
  • Support for importing MHT files and storing them as web pages.
  • A new settings page pertaining to web page importing.
  • New method of dropping rich text onto the item tree.
  • Better handling of read-only databases.

2.4.3 (8 March 2012)

  • Many improvements to web capturing that should eliminate freezes and improve quality of captured web pages.

2.4.2 (5 March 2012)

  • Improved drag and drop to the main tree:
    • Dragged files/objects are dropped to the item being dragged over, not the currently selected item.
    • Drop letters and attachments from Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, etc.
    • Drop plain text and formatted text (from programs that support text drag).
    • Drop URLs from browsers.
    • Drop files from opened archives (from programs that support it).
  • Fixed a rare crash. (Source – user error report.)
  • Fixed a problem (hang) displaying certain emails. (Source – user error report.)

2.4.1 (27 February 2012)

  • “Email message” supports importing Outlook message files (“.msg”)
  • Fixed handling Office files in the portable mode
  • Norwegian language (translation by Debbie Spackman)
  • A lot of cosmetic fixes in translations and labels
  • New setting: “Start maximized”
  • Fixed a rare crash at program exit

2.4 (7 February 2012)

  • New type of items: “Email message”.

2.3.1 (23 January 2012)

  • Portuguese language.
  • Updated help file.

2.3 (17 January 2012)

  • Internal links (links to other database items) in Rich Text items.
  • Item history (go back/go forward).
  • More configuration settings.

2.2.2 (5 January 2012)

  • Fixed rare crash during drag-n-drop in the tree;
  • Fixed crash when pressing ESC during renaming of an item;
  • Ctrl+P, Ctrl+F, and Ctrl+C keystrokes now work in web page items.

2.2.1 (25 December 2011)

  • Fixed: crash when importing a local web page with missing stylesheets.

2.2 (23 December 2011)

  • A lot of new configuration settings.
  • Much faster search highlighting in text/rich text items.
  • While backing up the database, the program shows a progress dialog.
  • Bug fix: TreeProjects froze while highlighting search results in text items, if the search query contained asterisks not at the end of the query.
  • Bug fix: incorrect button label in the “Bring up TreeProjects” dialog.
  • On some computers, system configuration prevents the File Preview feature from working. TreeProjects now displays a hint rather than crashes.
  • Bug fix: In case of abnormal termination (power loss etc), TreeProjects didn’t properly clean up temporary registry keys, which lead to phantom databases showing up in “Capture” and “Bring up” dialogs.

2.1.3 (13 December 2011)

  • Now it is not possible to preview a file item and edit it externally at the same time (it caused inconsistency and errors).
  • Fixed hyperlinks in bulleted lists.

2.1.2 (4 December 2011)

  • Hyperlink creation and editing GUI in rich text items. (Previously, only typed or pasted links worked.)
  • Fix: “Bring up TreeProjects” feature didn’t work if TreeProjects was minimized.

2.1.1 (26 November 2011)

  • During text extraction from a big file during importing, TreeProjects could appear as not responding. This is resolved, and progress reporting during text extraction is added.

2.1 (23 November 2011)

  • On 64-bit systems, TreeProjects can now use both 32-bit and 64-bit filters. This enables indexing Office 2007 files (and other formats with 64-bit filters) on 64-bit Windows.

2.0.2 (18 November 2011)

  • Fixed a crash when showing a menu on some exotic Windows 7 themes

2.0.1 (16 November 2011)

  • Fixed: item tree lost focus from tree when the keys “left” or “right” were pressed.
  • Fixed: hyperlinks in rich text items added an extra character to the URL.
  • Added the “Close unchanged items” command.
  • Forbade renaming item to an empty string which caused problems and possibly crashes.
  • Fixed bug when selecting ‘3 hours’ in the reminder’s “remind beforehand” field caused a crash.
  • Fix: The item tree now correctly observes the system window background color.

2.0 (9 November 2011)

  • Even faster and smoother user interface:
    • Better integration with Windows 7 visual themes;
    • Optimized item tree drawing;
  • Improved main toolbar:
    • Better look;
    • Customizable;
    • More toolbar buttons, including “open recent”.
  • Improved toolbars in text items.
  • Inline preview of images.
  • Inline preview of PDF files (requires a PDF viewer installation; viewers like Foxit Reader, Adobe Reader or PDF X-change Viewer will do).
  • Inline preview and inline editing of Microsoft Office files (requires a Microsoft Office installation).
  • Editing of rich text items in associated external program.
  • More settings and options.
  • Slovak translation by Vladimír Šváb.
  • Bugfixes and improvements:
    • Fixed disappearing progress dialog during long importing.
    • Common file extensions will not trigger “not indexed” warning.
    • File indexing failed if the temp file was locked for writing.
    • Tray icon double-click didn’t operate properly.

1.1.5 (6 October 2011)

  • Fix: Misbehaving checkboxes in the settings dialog
  • Improvement: File import report configuration in the settings dialog

1.1.4 (30 September 2011)

  • Fix: Rich text items wouldn’t print to certain printers

1.1.3 (26 September 2011)

  • Improvement: Doesn’t show error messages when accidentally moving an item to itself any more
  • New setting: “Open last database on startup”
  • Improvement: all assigned key shortcuts are shown next to the list items in the keyboard shortcuts dialog
  • Improvement: “Do not show this dialog again” check box for the file import report
  • Improvement: Remembers last spell checker setting between sessions
  • Bugfix: double rename of tree item using a keyboard shortcut caused crash
  • Bugfix: edit file item -> change description -> save: description reverted to old

1.1.2 (13 September 2011)

  • Portable versions of TreeProjects can be created using the “Make portable version” menu command.
  • Added Polish language.
  • Nonstandard non-ASCII characters in RTF files during import are now tolerated. This fixes import issues with RTF files generated by Atlantis word processor.
  • Bugfix: keyboard shortcut configuration for capturing commands did not persist.
  • Bugfix: renamed items did  not update in the tag pane.
  • Bugfix: Recycle Bin woudn’t show again after being hidden.

1.1.1 (8 August 2011)

  • Insert images into rich text items using a toolbar button.
  • Insert tables into rich text items using a toolbar button.
  • Switch languages manually (previously – autoselected based on system settings).

1.1.0 (26 July 2011)

  • New feature: Integrated spell checker;
  • German translation.

1.0.5 (28 June 2011)

  • New feature: Information capturing from other programs using global hot keys;
  • New feature: Bring up TreeProjects application window using global hot keys;
  • Fixed a rare crash scenario while importing web pages;
  • Dutch translation.

1.0.4 (2 May 2011)

  • New feature: Template items;
  • Spanish translation;
  • Improvement of web page capturing from the Internet.

1.0.3 (20 April 2011)

  • Import webpages directly from the Internet.

1.0.2 (3 April 2011)

  • Improved search and indexing, especially in webpages and file attachments.
  • Fixed a crash.

1.0.1 (26 March 2011)

  • Fixed: In certain conditions, file attachment items failed to open with a “could not generate open command” error.

1.0.0 (5 March 2011)

  • Initial release.
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