Feature highlights of TreeProjects

General screenshots

List of features

unlimited, freeform, ordered hierarchical organization of your information items (in a tree)
single-file, compressed data storage
instant, single-click item viewing and editing
multi-tab interface for concurrent editing of several items
tab splitting and docking
8 built-in types of information items:

  • text – for brief unformatted notes (screenshot);
  • formatted text – for formatted text documents that support images and tables (screenshot);
  • webpage – for storing webpages complete with images and styles (screenshot);
  • file – for storing and in-place editing of arbitrary file attachments (screenshot);
  • email message – for storing and viewing electronic letters (screenshot);
  • folder – for visual organizing of your data (screenshot);
  • reference – for accessing an information item from multiple branches;
  • reminder – for configuring one-time or periodical, timezone-dependent or timezone-independent alerts (screenshot, screenshot).
tree view can show item attribute columns in addition to icon and label (screenshot)
powerful search capabilities (screenshot):

  • transparent text indexing and instant full text search;
  • search in the contents of stored files like Office or PDF files;
  • search in deleted items or item revisions;
  • search in item content, item titles, tags and other attributes;
  • wildcard search to find morphological forms of words;
  • support for boolean operators (OR, AND, NOT) in text search queries;
  • simple search dialog: screenshot;
  • advanced search dialog to combine various search conditions in endless ways: screenshot;
  • multiple, dockable search result windows with auto-refresh capability: screenshot.
quickly find items by name (find-as-you-type, similar to browser address bar) (screenshot);
tag support (screenshot):

  • blog-like tagging of items;
  • tag window to view all tags and items tagged by specified tag;
  • mutli-apply tags and multi-delete tags;
  • tag autocomplete;
  • tag window offers “union” and “intersection” modes if more than one tag is specified.
intelligent import of disk files and folders
web page capturing directly from the Internet or from a disk file
export item/branch to files
export item/branch to a new database
review and save the modified items, item-by-item, in a single window (screenshot)
item labels can have different colors and formatting (screenshot)
items may be assigned arbitrary icons in the item tree; icons will be stored in the database (free icons included) (screenshot)
revisions of items can be saved to preserve entire history of edits; reverting to any prior revision is possible (screenshot)
reversible delete and undelete of items (recycle bin) (screenshot)
single-click preview of revisions and deleted items
template items
hyperlinks to web pages, files, e-mail addresses, or other database items
inline preview of stored images (screenshot)
inline preview of stored PDF files (requires a modern PDF viewer to be installed) (screenshot)
inline preview of stored Microsoft Office files (requires Microsoft Office to be installed)
inline editing of stored Microsoft Office files (requires Microsoft Office to be installed)
editing of rich text items in an associated external program
drag-and-drop item operations (copy and move of items and branches using your mouse) – on single or multiple selection of any size or depth
drag-and-drop from file managers, email clients, text processors, browsers to the main tree
clipboard item operations (cut/copy/paste within a database or between databases – preserving tags, revisions, icons etc)
non-destructive item sorting (you can switch between sorted or unsorted branch view)
“back” and “forward” commands to bring up previously visited items
customizable keyboard shortcuts for almost all operations
customizable toolbar
global key shortcut for bringing up (activating) TreeProjects application windows
workspaces preserved between sessions
capturing information from other programs using global key shortcuts (without switching to TreeProjects) (screenshot)
easy items importing from other programs using a monitored folder – no window swtiching required
database password protection backed by AES-256 encryption
plugin interface for modular extension of program functionality
automatic error reporting, user data backup
fast operations regardless of the database size
no practical limits on database size
SQLite database format widely supported by third-party database management tools
portable (can run from USB drives)
periodic update checks
user interface available in 10 languages:

  • Dutch
  • English
  • German
  • Italian
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Slovak
  • Spanish
  • Ukrainian

Create a translation and get a free license!

mainstream, user-friendly Windows interface

With this much power, you might think that TreeProjects must be complicated to use. Truth is, you can start using TreeProjects immediately, and become productive in just a few minutes.

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