Personal database software for home and business

Organizing information made easy

Need to jot down a quick note or idea?
Can’t find a PDF file in your big “Documents” folder?
Don’t feel in control of your project data?

Instead of dealing with unmanageable heaps of information, work with freeform, searchable personal databases. Discover how TreeProjects can save your time and money when storing and retrieving information.

TreeProjects is:

  • Easy: if you ever used WordPad and Windows Explorer, you’ll be productive with TreeProjects in minutes. Instead of looking like the Space Shuttle cockpit, the program will start out very simple, letting you gradually discover and customize its advanced modes.
  • Fast: written in pure C++, it’s quick regardless of the size of your database. Instantly search through gigabytes of notes and attachments (like Office or PDF files) – in a fraction of a second.
  • Lightweight: no bloat, no polluting of system folders, small disk and memory footprint, full portability.
  • Free of charge.

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