Your file items are even safer now

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When you open a file item to edit it, the file gets temporarily exported to disk, and opened in an external program. You may then make changes to the file, and they will be saved back in the database. If you try to close the database while a file item is opened, you will be prompted to finish working with the opened files first. However, some disastrous event – like a power outage – may disrupt the scheme of things. TreeProjects will not have the chance to import the changed files back.

To prevent you from losing the data, beginning from version 2.9.2, TreeProjects will find and recover the abandoned files you worked on, every time it starts. If the program detects such files, it will offer to recover them by saving them to a disk folder of your choice.

The recovery will work regardless of which database(s) the files came from originally.

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  • HTML5 implementationof Ti.Media.Sound (pull request, Jira ticket): ready for the next review
  • HTML5 implementation of Ti.Media.AudioPlayer (pull request, Jira ticket): ready for the next review
  • HTML5 implementation of Ti.Locale (pull request, Jira ticket): waiting for the first review
  • Kitchen sink with Tizen support (pull request): submitted, but Tizen-specific part will be modified to use the Tizen Device API wrapper
  • Pull requests pertaining to Anvil: will be submitted after the Tizen-specific part is modified to use the Tizen Device API wrapper.

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2 Responses to “Your file items are even safer now”

  1. Tom Says:

    I still love this program and use it daily.
    But its been a while since I’ve seen any new updates.
    Is there anything in the works?
    If so, can you share a few spoilers?
    I’m curious and a little hopeful :)

  2. admin Says:

    There has been a hiatus in TreeProjects development, due to me having switched jobs and kicking off a new project at work. But at this very moment I am unrolling TreeProjects development environment on my new OS, and looking at my huge “to do” list :)

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