Version 2.5 adds password protection to your databases

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Another popular feature request is fulfilled: TreeProjects version 2.5 allows you to password-protect your databases. To protect the database, use the “Password protection” item of the File menu.

To make sure nobody is able to access your database using a software tool other than TreeProjects, the password protection is backed by encryption. After you specify a password for your database, the entire database file becomes encrypted using the AES-256 symmetric encryption algorithm, which is employed by governments to protect classified data.

Here are the great things about the encryption:

  • Encrypting takes several seconds to complete (or minutes for multi-gigabyte databases). But that only happens once, when you set the password. During every other database operation, the data is encrypted/decrypted on the fly, completely transparently to you. You will work with encrypted databases exactly the same way you work with unencrypted ones – after you enter the password, that is! And the overhead caused by the background encryption is not noticeable in practice.
  • The entire database file is encrypted – including the headers, the database schema, the full text index, and all the bookkeeping stuff. Your encrypted database appears as a chunk of “white noise” to the outside observer.

TreeProjects database encryption is provided by SqlCipher, which is very popular on many platforms and is exhaustively tested by the vendor. Additionally, the entire comprehensive automated test suite of TreeProjects is now executed in two passes – the first time for plain databases, the second time for encrypted ones. But, as I try to mention often, it’s always a great idea to make backups of your databases – even if you don’t use password protection.

Version 2.5 also adds several of bug fixes, most of which were reported by users using the error reporter tool, and were quite easy to address due to the automatically submitted program logs.

Happy encrypting!


2 Responses to “Version 2.5 adds password protection to your databases”

  1. Peter Says:

    Hi Yaroslav,

    the option to protect a database with a password is great!
    I have an usb-stick with customer data, now I can protect it, so if I loose that thing nobody can discover the data, great!!!

    Thank you one more time for expanding the features of TreeProjects.

  2. Glen Coulthard Says:

    This feature is very much appreciated. Thank you for the update!

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