TreeProjects runs well on Windows 8

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Microsoft announced Windows 8 release preview. With Windows being the platform TreeProjects runs on, I was curious if it was compatible with upcoming Windows 8. It took jumps through some hoops to install the new operating system on a virtual machine, but when it was done, TreeProjects installed and ran without problems.

Then TreeProjects was subjected to the usual hour-long automated test, excluding including Microsoft Office compatibility test and PDF reader integration tests. The test executed uneventfully, pointing out only a couple of minor tweaks that will have to be done in the automated tests themselves. Although more rigorous testing is waiting for TreeProjects once Windows 8 RTM comes out, we can be confident that the program is ready for the new and somewhat controversial Windows version.

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  1. NeoSmereka Says:


    Thank you starting to prepare for the new version of Windows 8. I have been meaning to inquire with you on the compatibility of TreeProjects and any possible changes you may decide to make to take advantage of the new features of Windows 8 as they become standard. It is great to hear that compatibility thus far is holding. Any thoughts on the Metro UI and TreeProjects?

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks. It is rather early to say anything about TreeProjects and Metro. There are many questions to answer. Metro style is quite different from the desktop style of TreeProjects, and I have to think how the styles can be reconciled. Also, wxWidgets library would have to support Metro, and it is not clear yet whether or when this will happen. So let us revisit Metro in a year, when Windows 8 is already released, and it is clear how the market responds to its new look and application development framework.

  3. NeoSmereka Says:


    Sounds good.

    I am not sure how Metro is going to fair either. Personally, I have no problem with keeping TreeProjects as a desktop style application. Maintaining its stability and focus on data integrity is my main desire for the application as its user. Thus far, the development of the application has proceeded at an impressive rate with wisdom tempering its direction and in my book that will trump fancy gimmicks every time.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Windows 8 Metro.

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