TreeProjects is now free

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The world of software was quite different back then in 2011, when I released the first versions of TreeProjects (and much more so in 2009, when I started working on it). And it is a very good thing! The age of desktop domination has ended; ubiquitous cloud storage and synchronization emerged, and it is the norm for software solutions to be cross-platform and cross-device. This is something I myself expect when considering a piece of software or a service.

TreeProjects did not evolve to become such a server-based, cross-platform solution – it remains an old school Windows desktop program. And it is unlikely that it will ever change. TreeProjects is still an essential tool for me – I have been using it since the very first release. I know for a fact that it has been as useful to the people who have become customers, and whom I deeply thank. The program wouldn’t have become what it is without their support.

However, in these days of rightfully increased expectations, and in hopes that this will make the world better, I have made TreeProjects available free of charge. An option to purchase a license is still available for those who’d like to buy me a lunch!

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  1. RG Says:

    Ever since long time I have been a fan of TreeProjects, got it via BdJ discount, followed your blog closely to see if an update is coming. It is great that it is now free, although I am not sure what you say about the desktop is entirely true. From a source of revenue it must have been a difficult decision too. Will spread the word via my site and elsewhere too. Thank you.

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