TreeProjects 2.7 is released

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The item tree of TreeProjects does not only display the names of the items and their icons. It can also display attributes associated with the items. The tree is therefore a combination of a tree view and a list view:

The new release of TreeProjects brings major improvements to columns.

  1. Columns became “elastic”. If you change the size of the tree or the width of a column, the columns will readjust themselves so that the entire horizontal space of the tree pane is occupied by information. No more horizontal scroll bars or empty space.
  2. Columns remember their widths. When you reopen TreeProjects, columns will be arranged like they were the last time.
  3. Columns can be turned on and off. Right-click the header of the tree view (where the labels of the columns are shown) and use the pop-up menu. This setting is also remembered.
  4. More columns are available: the columns “Date created”, “Size” and “Author” were added.
  5. All the above works for item lists as well: search results window, tags window, “Save all” dialog, etc.

The column improvements are a step towards a bigger goal: custom item attributes, which will be available in several months from now.

Also, due to popular demand, reference items are now marked with a small arrow, much like Windows Explorer marks shortcut files:

Take care and have fun!


2 Responses to “TreeProjects 2.7 is released”

  1. NeoSmereka Says:


    Awesome enhancements!

    Custom item attributes?! O.O I can see moving my own user defined attributes from table form within the information item to this new custom item attribute function when it is added at some point in the future. Very nice indeed.

    Thank you for all your effort. Looks like we are creeping up to version 3.0 soon.

  2. admin Says:

    Yes, custom attributes is a very important feature of a personal database tool, and I’m excited to be moving in that direction.

    You are right, the version offering custom attributes will most likely increase the major number. However, I will release all the intermediate versions as they become useful. This “agile” approach has served me very well, because it provides valuable user feedback and prevents me from being lost in the complexity of changes.

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