Multiple search result panes added in version 2.9

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Starting from version 2.9, you can create multiple search panes in TreeProjects. To do it, simply select “New search result window” in the new combo box added to the search dialogs:

Together with the auto-refresh feature and the advanced search capabilities, this allows to create really neat workspaces. For example, you can define a search for the “urgent” string, output it to an extra search result window, dock it somewhere and turn on auto-refresh. From now on, everything tagged “urgent” will be visible for your reference at any time. At the same time, you can use the tag pane and another search result pane for regular work. Take a look at what it might look like (clickable):

On the right, you can see the docked search result frame that’s dedicated to the “urgent” keyword, and will automatically update should you add or remove items that contain the keyword. (As a side note, in the advanced search dialog, you can constraint the search to a specific date range, so that old items don’t show.) It does not interfere with regular searching and other w0rk. You can create more search result frames for other up-to-date “views” into your database.

In the next release, the workspaces you create will become part of your databases. The workspaces will be recreated next time you open the database – on the same computer or a different one.

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  1. RG Says:

    Great stuff Yaroslav, thanks. TreeProjects keeps getting even more useful.

  2. Bill Maslen Says:

    Sounds really interesting, Yaroslav. I look forward to experimenting!

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