Meet the younger sibling of TreeProjects

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Have you ever considered getting a piece of software, but concluded that you could live without some advanced features, and wished the price was lower? Having choice is always a good thing, so TreeProjects stops being “all or nothing”. Starting from version 2.6, TreeProjects is offered in two editions: TreeProjects L and TreeProjects XL. If you are interested in the differences between the L and XL versions of the program, check out the “Features and screenshots” page – it now has a nice edition comparison table.

“TreeProjects XL edition” is ye olde TreeProjects – only the name has changed. All the owners of TreeProjects licenses will automatically get TreeProjects XL, free of charge, during the regular automatic update process.

To keep the party going on, I also have plans to release a free “TreeProjects reader” that will be a single executable capable of displaying TreeProjects databases in read-only mode. This will make sharing TreeProjects databases much easier.

5 Responses to “Meet the younger sibling of TreeProjects”

  1. RG Says:

    Interesting idea, thanks Yaroslav. Still loving TreeProjects so hoping this will be beneficial to you and also all new (and old) users.

  2. Jeroen Says:

    In the features for the XL version there is talk about a templates function using the item-menu. But I don’t seem to be able to find it in 2.6 … ?

    Am I missing something?

  3. admin Says:

    Jeroen, please find the “Template item” menu command at the very bottom of the “Items” menu. It allows to mark items as templates for future use. This feature was introduced in version 1.0.4.

  4. Jeroen Says:

    Thanks for the reply.
    It seems to be a problem with the dutch translation. De last choice in the item menu says “Verwijder item” which means Delete item in English. Please change it to “Sjabloon item”.

  5. admin Says:

    Done, thanks!

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