How TreeProjects captures web pages

TreeProjects includes an integrated web page grabber. You can use it to store web pages in your databases and view them offline, without an Internet connection. All you need to do is know the URL of the web page, or drag the link to the item tree from the browser. The web page will then be imported from the Internet with images and styles, indexed for searching, and be accessible in TreeProjects via a single click.

A web page is a complex document that references many external files to display properly. So, to grab a web page, the  program has to: Read more…

Drop all the things with 2.4.2

TreeProjects version 2.4.2 extends the somewhat ascetic support for drag-n-drop in the main tree. Previously, you could drag items around, drop files, and a limited range of objects which could be coerced to files internally. Also, the dropped objects always became children of the lastly selected item, regardless of where the mouse was actually released. In the previous months I received a number of letters from you pointing out the limitations.

Now, you can drop the following things onto the main tree, besides files: Read more…

New in 2.4.1: Import of Outlook message files

Version 2.4 added a new “Email message” item type which allowed to store and view email messages natively in TreeProjects. There was a limitation, however – only “eml” files could be imported; the other popular format of message files, Outlook “msg” files, was not supported.

“Eml” files are in fact email messages exactly as they were “on wire”, captured to a file. The protocol for email files is highly standardized, which includes multi-part email messages containing pictures and multiple formats. Outlook “msg” file format is, on the contrary, a proprietary format, although its structure is published. Read more…

TreeProjects for $19.6 on BitsDuJour

On the 16th of February, TreeProjects will be featured on BitsDuJour, where it will be offered at a 60% discount.

TreeProjects adds support for email messages

Starting from version 2.4, released today, TreeProjects can store e-mail messages as database items. The dedicated “Email message” item type has been created for this purpose. Previously, email messages were stored as generic file items and could not be easily previewed.

Here’s what an email item looks like:

Read more…

What’s new in version 2.3

Most importantly, this version adds internal links (links to other database items), which behave like regular links, but instead of opening a web page, bring you to another database item. You can create internal links in Rich Text items, using the hyperlink dialog. I plan to extend this feature further, allowing not only the regular “jump” links, but also links that initiate search, open new tabs, and perform other interesting things. When editing web pages is available, creating internal links will be possible there as well.

Secondly, item history is implemented. TreeProjects remembers the items you visited, and you can go back and forward like in a browser. This feature became necessary after the addition of internal links, but is nice to have even if you don’t use links. In the future I plan to add a history pane where your history will be displayed explicitly. Read more…

TreeProjects in the 64-bit world

The consumer desktop world is moving quickly towards 64-bit computing, and 64-bit Windows installations may already outnumber 32-bit ones. When TreeProjects development was started in mid-2008, 64-bit systems were exotic, but today they are mainstream. Therefore, in TreeProjects 2, I had to address some issues arising on 64-bit Windows. This post will describe what was going on. Read more…

About changes in version 2.2

What are the most important updates in version 2.2 released yesterday?

Settings. Historically, the settings dialog of TreeProjects was somewhat lacking.  This was so not only due to my laziness, but also because 50% of the program’s functionality is actually provided by plugins. I had to design a means for plugins to use the common settings dialog, and for setting changes to trigger behavioral changes both in the core application and the plugin objects. This has been done, and in this release I am making TreeProjects more configurable. I already have a backlog of setting suggestions from users that I will take care of in the next releases, but if there’s a setting you feel is still missing, you’re welcome to respond.

Search results highlighting. Read more…

40% off TreeProjects during winter holidays

Starting now, and throughout Christmas and New Year holidays, TreeProjects is offered for only $29. A perfect time to give TreeProjects as a gift – to yourself, a friend, or the loved one!

Reporting errors in TreeProjects

Despite the rigorous testing, bugs sometimes slip in TreeProjects. Although there have been no cases of data loss, once in a blue moon TreeProjects might crash or misbehave in some other unpleasant way. To make sure TreeProjects crashes responsibly, I implemented a custom means for the user to report errors. When TreeProjects crashes, an error report dialog will pop up automatically, asking you for a description of what you did, what you expected, and what you saw instead. Once you enter the information, TreeProjects will send your report to me (the developer) for further analysis. Read more…